How To Get Ready For A Garden Party The Eco-Friendly Way

The climate crisis is growing more and more prominent, and with our leaders being slow to act, we as individuals are growing more and more conscious. Every little step we take makes a difference.

And whilst we still want to celebrate and enjoy the summertime with friends and family, here are a few susty ideas to get garden party ready the eco-friendly way.

Don't Use Fresh. Water With Rain Water

We want our gardens to look fresh, and yet there may well be a hose pipe ban on the horizon. But with the global threat of the climate crisis it seems a little wild to be watering our gardens with fresh water. One thing we are definitely going to be switching too is a Water Butt. Collecting rainwater from guttering points in buckets, troughs and water butts is a much more environmentally friendly way to be watering our gardens. If you go for a water butt with a tap, be sure to stack it up high enough to fit a watering can under the tap.

Watering Can


Enjoy A Susty Tipple

(Always drink responsibly!)

My susty tipple of choice: Sapling Spirits. Their gin is not only delicious, but is climate positive. They focus on reforestation, regenerative farming, waste reduction and eco packaging, so not only will you serve up tasty tipples at your garden party, but you'll have a fantastic talking point to share with your friends and family too. For a great G&T, pair with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a sprig of homegrown rosemary. Plus they are made exclusively in the UK using British wheat.


Grow Your Own Herbs For The Party

Spruce up your garden with beautiful herbs for abundant wildlife by sowing seeds from UK nursery Earthsong Seeds. Treat your guests to a homemade remedy from the herbs medicinal properties or enjoy the edibles in delicous salads to accompany the barbecue. They are also in the process of officially converting to organic with the Soil Association!

Happy Garden Partying!

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