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We've put together some handy tips to help you can care for your clothes, always.


Wash less, love longer

Better for your clothes, as they will last longer; better for the planet, as less water and energy are used – it just makes sense to wash less.


Fresh air does everything a world of good

…including your clothes. If they don’t need a wash, hang up, air out – and wear again.


Spot clean if possible

Warm soapy water and a clean cloth should see to light marks.


Play it cool

A 30C machine wash is good; 20C, even better, especially if clothes only need a refresh. Use your judgement, but remember to keep cool at all times.


Get the hang of it

Save on energy by skipping the tumble dryer and hanging your clothes. To reduce ironing, shake them out thoroughly to prevent creases, and try lightly steaming them in the bathroom once dry.


Dry clean responsibly

More dry cleaners now offer eco-friendlier methods, like natural or biodegradable detergents. To help cut down on plastic, take a bag with you for collection.


Repairing is caring

If you love it, fix it. Holes can be darned; lost buttons, replaced; and ripped seams, stitched, all for little time and effort. Keep a lookout on our journal for tips; in the meantime, if you have any questions about how to mend your clothes, email us on saywood.studio@gmail.com.


Be part of the vac pack

Keep moths at bay by vacuum packing clothes that you aren’t wearing regularly. (Bonus: they will also feel like new again when you bring them out of storage.)


Up(cycle) and away

Dresses can be shortened, sleeves cut, buttons changed, patches added… Get creative to breathe new life into old favourites.


Swap shop

Got a piece you no longer wear that’s in good condition? Swap it. Try hosting a swap shop with friends, or widen your audience at a local swapping event. Alternatively, donate it. Unfortunately, clothing donated to some charities just ends up creating more waste, which is why it’s worth doing research beforehand to see which ones really put your donations to good use. Smart Works, for example, helps unemployed women back into the workplace by providing smart (donated) interview clothes.


Pre-loved: Sell your Saywood piece back to us

If your Saywood piece is in resaleable condition, drop us an email on saywood.studio@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to take it back to give it a new life in our planned pre-loved section. In return, we’ll give you £25 off your next order. Win-win.


Remember to recycle

If your piece is beyond repair, recycle it at a textile bank (if it has buttons, cut them off as they can be reused. Plus, it’s always handy to have spares). If you can’t find one, get in touch with us. We’re looking into bulk recycling at the moment, which involves sending old clothes off for pulping so that they can be remade into new materials.

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