Saywood for Good is our initiative which gives back to causes close to our heart.

We share our planet with many living beings: animals, plants, peoples. But we have been selfish. We have stripped it of far too many of its raw materials, damaged its protective rainforests, and intensified climate change to crisis point through our use of fossil fuels, deforestation, animal exploitation, and biodiversity loss. We have displaced communities that have lived for hundreds of years in harmony. We have not been good stewards of the Earth.

That is why it is important for us to act now.

For people. For planet. For the future. 

Model stands, surrounded by wild plants and greenery, with her hands behind her back. She wears Saywood's Etta Oversized Shirtdress in Japanese denim, worn over beige trousers, with a pale blue bandana in her hair made from recycled cotton.

Saywood For Good

Saywood for Good is our initiative which gives back to causes close to our heart. At the end of each year, we will donate a portion of our revenue to three chosen charities, non-profit organisations or NGOS for that year. Each will focus on one of the following which shapes our sustainability goals:


Support the fight for equity and equality, security, fair wages, and safe working environments.


Take responsibility for looking after our planet and not deplete it of its natural resources.


Secure the futures of youth, women, global communities, and innovative entrepreneurs, through supportive or training programmes, or those that invest in a better future for its communities.

For 2022, our initiatives will be Labour Behind The Label (People), Trafino/ Forever Lung (Planet), and Solar Sister (Future).

Machinist sits behind a sewing machine in a garment factory, wearing a mask, holding a sign that reads 'I made your clothes' Image is from our garment maker, Mantra, in Romania.

Labour Behind The Label

No brand can be sustainable until it is ethical and paying fair wages. Labour Behind The Label holds companies to this standard by advocating for the rights, safety and fair pay of garment workers – 80% of which are women – across the globe. Based in the UK, the non-profit has been making inroads with its representation of the Clean Clothes Campaign here, which empowers workers and trade unions to fight for improved working conditions.

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A man is collecting and extracting corozo nuts from the Tagua Palms fallen mococha, in the rainforests of Ecuador

Trafino | Forever Lung

Very close to our heart; Saywood uses buttons made from corozo – a nut from the tagua palm that’s native to South America – as it’s a more sustainable choice. Our buttons are manufactured by Courtney & Co, which sources the nuts from Trafino in Ecuador. The company’s FOREVER LUNG non-profit foundation was set up to protect tropical forests where the nuts grow wildly and to educate local communities on how to harvest them more responsibly. It also has its sights on creating a network of nut collectors and connecting them directly with artisan factories, cutting out the middleman who exploit the system by buying low from farmers and selling high to manufacturers. 

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Image shows the sun in the side with a glow ring around it. Hands are held out together towards the sun.

Solar Sister

Solar Sister is a female-led start-up which brings clean power and energy in off-grid communities across Africa. So far, it has reached 3 million people and inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to follow in its path, training them to promote clean energy in their communities – from cookstoves that use 60% less fuel, to solar panelled lamps, chargers, and fans, as well as chemical-free water filters that remove bacteria, parasites and waterborne diseases.

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