Decorative stitches and patchworking. Image shows colourful patchwork of fabrics with scissors and a tape measure in the frame.


Learn beautiful decorative stitch techniques you can use to mend and repair your much loved pieces and breath new life into well-worn clothes. 17th June, 2023


As the founder, I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge, and teaching and supporting people to develop their own creative and sewing skills. So it was always going to be a natural step to hold workshops at Saywood. 

We are here for inclusivity, but we appreciate not everyone is able to buy a shirt so easily. So if we can in anyway support people to develop their skills so they can make their own, rejuvenate their clothes in a unique way, we are here for this.

So whether, it’s sewing, pattern cutting, mending, upcycling or customising, Saywood workshops are a community based, creative and social hub for you to learn, practise, and create something you are passionate about.

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