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What Do We Actually Mean When We Talk About Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is the new buzz word. And that is a result of sustainability being bandied about everywhere, with big brands chomping at the bit to show they are sustainable. But there are multiple ways a brand can claim to be ‘sustainable’, so this is where the confusion lies; it’s an umbrella term.

Deadstock Sourcing and Zero Waste Projects - Reducing Our Footprint

It is true that fashion has a reputation of being wasteful. It is estimated that in the UK alone, approximately 350,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill every year. That is approximately £140 million worth of clothing that is used but still wearable, being dumped each year. Ouch! For sure a lot of clothing is going to waste. One of our key principles at Saywood is to love your clothes always. This means keeping them for a long long time. Circularity can come in many forms. At Saywood we are big fans of using deadstock.

Let's Talk Japanese Denim and Indigo Dye

Our Saywood denim is from the Okayama district in Japan, which is known as the ‘birthplace of Japanese denim’. This particular denim is produced in the city of Ibara, where a small craft enterprise produces this premium and highly esteemed denim. Through the use of ancestral handcraft work, highly skilled weavers create this denim.

Saywood Social Club: Relax with a Cup of Yuyun Loose Leaf Tea

It can be a little hard to switch off sometimes... But it is so important to take time out. And a good cup of tea is the perfect way to relax. There is something about the process of making tea that puts you in the right mindset for relaxation; a build up to accepting rest.

Saywood Social Club: Make With Mandi Home Sewing Patterns

One of the best things about being a small business is meeting new people and new talents. And Make With Mandi is not only creating great home sewing patterns, but Mandi is local to Saywood Studio, so we've been able to share a walk together to get to know each other.

13 Tips to Care for your Clothes Sustainably

There are so many benefits to caring for our clothes well; the long life we can give our clothes, keeping them in good condition, being able to pass them on when that time eventually comes. And it can even save us money and help save energy and resources for the planet at the same time! This is caring for our clothes sustainably. The longer the life, keeping the circle going, this allows our clothes to participate in a more sustainable fashion lifecycle.

Meet The Makers: Apparel Tasker

When I started out on the search for a London based manufacturer, with an ethical and sustainable commitment, and feasible for small production runs, I spotted an online article that peaked my interest. Living wages, environmental policies, zero waste…. This looked to be the one! I had found Apparel Tasker, and what I was reading aligned with the brand values I wanted for Saywood too.
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