Where To Holiday For The Last Of The Summer Sunshine

Sea side terrace at Los Enamorados, Portinatx, Ibiza
Los Enamorados sea side terrace, Portintx, Ibiza

In the UK the August weather has been pretty shoddy. I guess that’s why us Brits are always talking about the weather right?! 

But there is still sunshine if you’re after a relaxing last-of-the-sunshine getaway, to get through the Autumn months. Whilst officially British Summertime is meant to last until the end of September, sometimes a short break is just the ticket.

So I’ve got 4 gorgeous holiday retreats for you to get a little bit more sunshine, a good rest, and lots of delicious food and wine to give you a little boost into the Autumn Winter months.

All tried and tested, and each one brought its own extra sprinkling of joy to the holiday.

Los Enamorados Hotel at sunset, Portinatx, Ibiza, Spain
Los Enamorados hotel at sunset, in Portinatx, Ibiza

Los Enamorados, Portinatx, Ibiza

This waterfront hideaway is a beautiful, luxurious and romantic spot with a playful touch. As they say, it is a place to ‘sleep well, eat well, relax well’.

The hotel is adorned with comfortable vintage furnishings, a colourful nature, and combines the feeling of American vintage and Australian surf in perfect style. They even have a small boutique where you can discover beautiful clothes, amazing furnishings, unique homeware and art sourced globally.

Los Emorandos Hotel, Ibiza, vintage furnishings in one of the bedrooms. Los Emorandos Hotel, boutique shop, collection of homeware and ceramics, Portinatx Ibiza

Image left: Vintage furnishing in the bedroom 6 lounge area
Image right: Boutique shop at Los Enamorados hotel, homeware and ceramics
Los Emorandos Hotel Bedroom, with blue bedding and ceiling sails


The food is delicious, easy and will have you dreaming of your next meal. You can book a massage or treatment for the ultimate relaxation, and chill on the seaside terrace and peruse the beautiful romantic garden.

Everything here has been thought through by welcoming owner Pierre Traversier, who has left his roots as a professional basketball player in France, and working with his partner Rozemarijn de Witte on the decoration and collation of the boutique, to create this dreamy hotel in the North of Ibiza.

Image: Bedroom 8 at Los Enamorados Hotel

Los Emorandos Hotel in Portinatx, Ibiza. View from the side of the hotel shows the mural of two people kissing

Los Enamorados hotel side view showing the full scale mural painting

They have even just opened a stunning gallery in the 7th area of Paris, Arrogant Verneuil. Be sure to check it out if you find yourself that way.

Being on the waterfront, the hotel overlooks the sea and the romantic small port of Portinatx, and is situated on top of 10 ancient boathouses in the bay. You can’t get more beautiful than that!

Sounds like your cup of tea? Discover more about the beautiful Los Enamorados hotel in Ibiza here.

Portixol Hotel saltwater swimming pool, Palma de Mallorca
Portixol Hotel saltwater swimming pool

Portixol Hotel, Portixol, Palma de Mallorca

Ok there’s a running theme here, the islands are where it’s at. If you haven’t stayed at Portixol Hotel, this is definitely one for the list. Not only is it a stunning hotel, with a pool that overlooks the sea, but it is a stunning Eco-Retreat! Sustainability is definitely important here, with a holistic and subtle approach; from the eco-friendly toiletries provided and natural and marine friendly shampoos, to the free electric bikes provided by the hotel, and their participation in educational projects and marine conservation.

They have a bar and restaurant, the food is delicious, local and easy. You can sit barside amongst the beautiful plants and trees, or poolside on the terrace, overlooking the sea and port, shaded from the midday sun. The menu is delicious, from the homemade ravioli to the succulent steaks.

The pool is a saltwater pool, and slowly warms from the sun throughout the day. Poolside cocktails are available and there’s a mini spa for treatments and a sauna. Plus a communal living room with a record player and huge selection of vinyl.

Portixol fishing village by the sea in Palma de Mallorca

Portixol fishing village, Palma de Mallorca

The little fishing village is divine; when we visited there was a Sea Festival on, full of dancing, music and food stalls. There are plenty of restaurants to keep you well fed, and you can even cycle from the hotel all the way to the airport. (Something in the mid August sun I was less than willing to do despite the many times my Dad suggested it!) But if you are a keen cyclist, you may know that Mallorca has many hills and is a top destination for cyclists. Sadly I’m more of a walker than a cyclist.

Palma town is a short 10 minute taxi ride, or easily walkable in the cooler months, and the Cathedral is stunning and well worth a look! Not to mention all the shops, markets, especially the food markets full of colourful vegetables and cheese, and beautiful restaurants, including El Camino - definitely book if you can!

Should Portixol Hotel have your heart, take a look here.

Sunset overlooking the beach and sea on the Greek Island

Kapsaliana Village Hotel, Crete, Greek Island

Yup, you read that right, a hotel that is a village. The most beautiful setting, up in the hills, in a stone village converted into a hotel. It’s a small village, but a beautiful one.

Kapsaliana has three delicious restaurants, serving up Cretan cuisine of locally sourced ingredients, and a cocktail bar. One of the restaurants in an open-air experience where you can even learn to cook the basics of Creta cuisine.

The rooms are beautiful and calming, with log fires for the cooler months. The natural toiletries are even made using the local olive groves. One of the lovely things about the village environment is that if you are on the ground floor (and without a balcony) the cute ‘streets’ are perfect to sit in just outside your room.

They have a beautiful pool and poolside bar - when we went this was an honesty bar - and it is so calm and tranquil. I don’t think I have ever been anywhere where you could lay beside the pool in the glorious warmth of the sunshine and look towards the mountains with their peaks covered in snow. It was truly stunning.

One of the lovely things about Kapsaliana is that you could easily enjoy a stay well into the autumn too.

Want to find out more? Have a read about Kapsaliana Village Hotel here.

Soho House Barcelona roof top pool with red and white stripe sun lounging beds
Soho House Barcelona roof top swimming pool area

Soho House, Barcelona, Spain

We all know Soho House is a dreamy easy stay, and it is for a reason! In the heart of Barcelona, they have everything you need for a perfect stay. Including the hand delivered room service cocktail hour. When you’re not quite ready to go down to dinner, your first tipple is brought straight to your door. And it is hard to resist those House Picantes.

Soho House Barcelona cocktail next to a Marshall radio, Soho House Barcelona

The rooftop pool is a chilled out tranquil spot, not as bustling as the London houses - it’s not a fight for a spot on the only day of London sunshine! It overlooks the port with plenty of small boats to discover.

The building from the outside is beautiful, overlooking a green square, and is just a short walk into the nightlife of Barcelona. From the bars, restaurants, tapas spots, boutiques and winding streets, you are never far from the beach too.

Always a relaxing place to be, Soho House Barcelona has a relaxed vibe, attentive staff, and a bustling Cecconi's downstairs.

Find out more about booking your stay at Soho House Barcelona here.

Places to dream of that last bit of sunshine before the winter, or to keep on your list for the next summer seasons.

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