Stop, Press! TechRound Lists Saywood in Their Top 26 Fashion Companies & Startups in 2021!

This week Saywood was featured in TechRound's list of the top 26 fashion companies and start ups. This was focused on sustainable and eco-conscious fashion brands, and we are so excited to be listed!

Saywood founder, Harriet, standing next to a rail of Saywood timeless shirts

Have a look below at what TechRound had to say, and take a look at the link to the feature:

TechRound Lists Saywood in Their Top 26 Fashion Companies & Startups in 2021!

It is hard to emerge as a successful fashion company in an era where there is so much competition and variety. As such, TechRound wanted to shine a light on the companies and startups that are making headway in the fashion world with innovative ideas. We would like to thank every company that applied to be in our Top 26 Fashion Companies & Startups, and congratulate all those included!

The Top 26 Fashion Companies & Startups were chosen by TechRound’s internal team who considered a range of criteria. The team looked at the company/startup’s ethos, background, motivation and the quality and usability of the products/services offered.

Izzy Murphy, Reporter at TechRound, commented:

“It’s been absolutely amazing to hear about so many companies striving to promote their business. The fashion companies featured throughout the article have such different motivations and messages and offer such variety of incredible products including jewellery, clothing, antiques and the option to exchange and rent clothing.”

Commenting Specifically on Saywood, Izzy said:

“We were delighted to announce Saywood as TechRound’s 13th Top Fashion Company or Startup of 2021! Saywood’s passion for sustainable clothing has been inspirational and it has been a pleasure to feature them within the article.”

To See the Full List, Please Visit TechRound.

For Comments or Questions, Please Contact TechRound.

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