5 Tips For A Great Summer Festival

Festival season is now in full swing. We've just come back from Glastonbury and boy was it a hot one! So whether it's a day fest or a full weekend party, here are my 5 tips to help you have a good, and safe, festival:

1) Wear sun cream! Yup, it might sound obvious, but when that sun is blazing, you don't want to be nursing a sun burn for the next few days.

2) Wear a hat. It's not just sunburn, sunstroke can be a real danger. Make sure you give yourself the best chance to stay safe from the sun by protecting your head; hats create shade and block the rays.

3) Stay hydrated. No beer doesn't count. Take a refillable water bottle and ideally go one for one on the water vs alcohol ratio - especially if it's hot and sunny! Most festival loos are pretty swish nowadays and you'll thank yourself in the morning... you can do it.

4) Wear decent walking shoes. Especially if it's a weekender. It will hurt if you get stomped on in sandals, and super flat trainers or Converse are not good for walking on uneven terrain. Hiking boots are a cool fashion statement, love your feet.

5) Pack for versatility. Let's face it, we are talking British Summertime. Who really knows what the weather will be like. There's no need to take too much, but take pieces that mix and match so you can cover chilly and hot. Want some outfit ideas? Click here

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