Introducing Pre-loved Saywood

We might be nearing the end of Secondhand September but Saywood is now on hand all year round to help you buy and sell pre-loved pieces with our exclusive resale platform!

Taking the next steps in circularity for Saywood, I'm so excited to partner with OWNI to provide a joyful way for you to buy and sell pre-loved Saywood with ease. The platform integrates with your order history, automating your product listings and saving your pre-loved purchases which can later be resold.

While I hope you’ll love your Saywood pieces forever, I know in reality that our styles evolve, our bodies change, and that the pieces we love often have to be passed on at some stage. By design, Saywood clothing is designed to last, and now you can give your purchases a second, third, or even fourth life on our resale platform.

Two models stand side by side, laughing, wearing Saywood. He wears the Eddy Mens Patchwork Shirt in orange and yellow. She wears the Rosa Puff Sleeve Shirtdress in Japanese Denim. The overlaid text reads: Resale is here. Saywood has partnered with OWNI to bring you peer to peer resale.

But how? When you sign up to our platform, you get your own digital wardrobe which is home to all of your past Saywood purchases. When you sell these items on, we add all the original product details so you just have to update the condition. Anything you buy from our pre-loved platform will be automatically added to your digital wardrobe, so you can later resell it again later in a simple click. Now our clothing can be circulated again and again, moving from one loved wardrobe to the next.

In the future we will have archival pieces and samples available to purchase on our resale platform too but, being only almost two years old and designing only what is needed, these sorts of pieces aren’t available yet directly from Saywood. There may not be much pre-loved to shop instantly (this is slow fashion after all), but in partnering with OWNI the aim is to make resale easy for you for when that time comes.

Got something you want to sell? Here’s how to get started.

  1. Browse your digital wardrobe: Create an account using the same email address you use to purchase from us. Head to your digital wardrobe to browse all of your past Saywood purchases. Find the item you're looking for and click 'sell'. 

PSA: For every item you list, OWNI will send you an exclusive discount code to get £15 off your next Saywood shop - it’s our way of saying thank you for reselling with us!

  1. Review your listing: We'll pre-load your listing with the size, description and images, and even recommend a price, leaving you to select the item condition and add an extra photo. It’s really that easy!
  2. Ship your item: When you sell an item, we'll send you a pre-paid shipping label and arrange at-home courier collection. We'll pay you 5 days after the buyer has received your item, minus 20% in fees.

Not ready for resale yet? Don’t worry, keep on loving your Saywood piece over and over.

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