Saywood is Now Shipping 200% Climate Positive with Freight Brokers

**Post updated on 25th September 2023

Saywood has partnered with Freight brokers for our parcel shipments, both to the customer and in the manufacture process. Shipping is always a bit of a challenge as an online business when you are aiming for a planet-friendly strategy. With everything being a lot more global these days, and customers shopping all over the world, we know that there will be products flying over our heads. At Saywood, we aim to keep our environmental impact as low as possible, and Freight Brokers really sparked our enthusiasm for a more positive way of shipping.

 Freight Brokers were shipping 125% Climate Positive

(At the time of publishing - this is set to increase further).

**Update: As of 1st January they Freight Brokers are now shipping 200% climate positive.


Freight Brokers launched in 2005, a family run business specialising in the fashion market. They have grown to support over 250 clients in the fashion industry, from retailers large and small, to wholesalers, importers and UK manufacturers. As well as being super helpful when support is needed, Freight Brokers offer a bespoke service for each business, and they support us micro businesses too! And on top of all this, ** when we joined Freight Brokers they were shipping 125% climate positive. They are now shipping 200% climate positive! (**As of 1st January 2023) Which means we do too!

Saywood is now shipping 125% climate positive with Freight Brokers

Saywood is now shipping 125% climate positive with Freight Brokers

For each shipment made, the emitted CO2 is calculated, with that amount and more being offset through the purchase of carbon credits from climate protection projects. Whilst there is a lot of work to be done in the aerospace industry, as well as road and maritime, these contributions help to readdress the balance of CO2, by reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere through climate protection projects such as wind farms or biomass power plants. The carbon emissions calculated and offset are even verified annually by independent auditor, SGS.


Having built their business within the fashion industry, Freight Brokers became increasingly aware of how much product, fabric and samples can be shipped all over the world. And not only that; the urgency in which samples are often shipped, especially within the traditional fashion model, with last minute items being requested for shows, can often lead to additional packages and shipments, when it would be far preferable for the climate to be consolidating shipments. Since March 2019, Freight Brokers have sought to raise awareness for their clients of the impact this was having on the planet, with the hope to improve excessive ways of shipping, and with the aim to neutralise the CO2 going into the atmosphere. And this climate positivity even comes at no extra cost to the clients.

Freight Brokers Climate Positive Investment Projects Map

Freight Brokers Climate Positive Investment Projects Map


Freight Brokers have teamed up with the United Nations and DHL in order to achieve their carbon positive goals. They are offsetting the carbon emissions created by the deliveries, through investment in projects in developing countries around the world. Each of these projects either reduce, avoid or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.


But they are not stopping there. By 2025 their aim is to be offsetting 250% of the carbon emissions emitted by the deliveries shipped via Freight Brokers’ clients. Each of their clients are invited to select projects close to their heart to support, from 90+ projects going on around the world.


At Saywood, we are really excited about the climate positive projects Freight Brokers are already contributing too. There are some amazing projects taking place around the world; these are just a few that have caught our eye.

forest of trees 


Reforestation in India

Large areas of land have become severely degraded through a lack of flora throughout these land areas, with severe soil erosion creating large areas of wasteland. This has in many cases meant that small farmers or communities have lost the richness of their lands, and have not had the capability to replant due to the high cost involved to regenerate the lands. Under the Farm Forestry Scheme, additional financial support and technical guidance is given to help regenerate and replant forest cover. Not only does this project enhance the land areas, it also supports the livelihoods and income or rural communities, creating large employment opportunities. As well as reducing the loss of top soil due to wind and water erosion, as well as supporting biodiversity conservation. 


Hydro Electric Projects - Chile and China

Two great rivers are now powering communities in China and Chile, through the hydro electric power they are creating with their rushing energy. In Chile, the river running though the Chacayes region now has its own hydro project - the 111 MW power plant is located in the Cachapoal Valley of the Andes Mountains, and has been in operation since 2011. This power plant is using the natural energy from the water flow of the Cachapoal River, to generate electricity to power over 300,000 homes and helps to eliminate 340,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution each year, whilst also contributing to economic growth and the sustainable development of local communities.

In China, the Zagunao River is being used to to generate low emission electricity for the Sichuan Province. The Central China Power Grid is a carbon intensive grid, so the hydroelectric project  has helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 64,782 tonnes of CO2e per year.

These projects promote renewable energy generation, helping to preserve natural resources, and significantly reducing the dependancy of fossil fuels and non-renewable resources, also helping to improve the health of communities by protecting them from bad air qualities and pollutive substances. 


Timarpur Okhla Integrated Waste, Delhi

In Delhi, India, the Timarpur Okhla Integrated Waste processing facility is the first of it’s kind in India. Established in January 2012, the facility processes 2000 tonnes of solid waste each day, producing 16MW of renewable energy. It uses state of the art technology to generate renewable power, reducing the need for landfills, lowering the risk of groundwater contamination, and helping to reduce the dependancy on fossil fuels, by maximising the recycling and re-use of resources and waste.


There is plenty more work to be done to reduce the greenhouse gases produced and to more from fossil fuels to greener and cleaner renewable energies. We can’t wait to find out more about the projects new projects we will be contributing towards. And we will be sure to give you an update!


And if you give Freight Brokers a follow on social media, they plant a tree for every 100 followers they reach on Instagram. So you can learn more about the climate positive projects they are working on, and give back to the Earth at the same time!



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