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The Garden Lovers Gift Set, Japanese Denim

The Garden Lovers Gift Set, Japanese Denim

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Looking for the perfect gift for gardeners? Our Garden Lovers Gift Set is designed to bring joy and practicality to those who adore spending time in their beloved gardens. Crafted from natural indigo dyed Japanese denim, woven using heritage techniques by artisans in Ibara, Okayama, Japan, this gift set is a true testament to quality and style.

The highlight of this set is our Multifunctional Tool Belt, a beautiful and practical companion for any gardener. With specially designed pockets, it keeps hand tools like pruning secateurs, trowel, and garden wire easily accessible and prevents them from getting scattered across the garden. Additionally, it features a secure button-up pocket to keep your phone safe while you immerse yourself in gardening activities.

To add a touch of natural beauty, the Gift Set includes a pack of Earthsong Seeds multipack seeds so they can make their own home remedies and enjoy a harmonious connection between themselves and nature.

Our Garden Lovers Gift Set is not only a thoughtful present but also a gentle reminder to reconnect with nature and cherish those blissful green finger gardening days.

Pre-order now: Gift bundles are being made and will be ready to ship 17th November.

Composition: 100% cotton, Japanese denim

Made in the UK in the Saywood Studio by Harriet

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