Embracing Our British Heritage: Timeless Wardrobe Foundations Made In The UK

From slow fashion, to locally made wardrobe foundations, Saywood is designed in London, and now, made in Britain.

Just down the road from the Saywood studio is MAES London, a bright and airy 2nd floor factory in Tottenham, creating Saywood’s small batch production. And a short tube ride takes us to Apparel Tasker in Bow, whom Saywood has been working with since launch.

I am now proud to say that all of Saywood’s wovens - shirts, shirtdresses and trousers - are now made in the UK. In fact, Saywood is made in London, not far from our studio.

Sustainable cotton shirts made in London - Saywood's pastel orange and lemon womens Lela Shirt hangs in a factory, where sewingmachines and threads can be seen in the background

The UK has a rich heritage of a thriving manufacturing industry, and whilst much of this has moved overseas, it is in the ethos of Saywood to partner with local businesses and to be a part of supporting the reboot of British manufacturing, with quality and ethics at the heart.

As a British brand, and establishing UK partnerships from the beginning, this transition to being British made came about quite organically, and is exciting nonetheless. Since our launch in 2020, as well as working with Apparel Tasker in London, Saywood also worked with a brilliant European factory; Mantra in Romania. Whilst a brilliant partner, as Mantra’s business grew, so did their minimum order quantities, which became unattainable for early years independent. Whilst I loved partnering with Mantra, it was the perfect opportunity to fully bring on-shore all woven and shirt production to the UK. And so that was what I did.

There are so many benefits to British manufacturing and partnering with local manufacturers; just like the benefits of buying locally, locally made products help reduce your carbon footprint, both as a brand and a customer, it boosts the local economy and funnels the money back into the local economy rather than making big businesses even wealthier, and support local jobs for the local community. This ripple serves as a positive impact for the local economy and for a positive fashion future.

Both MAES and Apparel Tasker have a strong underpinning of social responsibility, and are well-above-living wage employers. Sustainability and ethics run throughout their business models, so they are both perfect partners for Saywood right here in the UK.

Some of Saywood's pieces already made in London include our Edi Shirt, Marie Blouse, Jules Shirt and all over our menswear shirt styles.

As well as garment manufacture, Saywood’s signature flower embroidery is stitched here in London by Echo3, and all our buttons are made by UK button manufacturer Courtney & Co, based in the Cotswolds. You can read more about British button maker Courtney & Co in our Meet The Makers journal feature.

Being so close to where the pieces are produced brings a magic to the creations, seeing them go from rolls of fabrics, to the finished pieces; the craftsmanship is beautifully executed on the sewing machines and benefits of being able to visit the factories is undeniable. Visiting the factories is so easy, and it enables a strong relationship between brand and maker, something which is of the utmost importance at Saywood.

In being able to share more of the people, processes and stories behind what we wear, Saywood hopes to reconnect you with your much loved wardrobe; and in that help us treasure our clothes, always.

Discover our new collection, launching soon, made in London.

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